Tour Update #3: THE PRAIRIES – Rum Running & Hair Dye Freezing

Hi all; apologies for the delay on this update. It comes to you from March 27th. 

We made it through the perilous frozen tundra of Alberta sans winter tires. Since my last update we’ve played Edmonton, Edson, Calgary, Red Deer & Moose Jaw and we are on to Regina tonight to open for Abandon All Ships.

The question of whether or not to winterize the van has been on our minds since Kamloops. We had plans to hook up a cheap set of winter tires in Prince George, but the morning of, we ironically became stuck in a snow bank in Burns Lake and by the time we un-stuck ourselves, we didn’t have time to stop on our way to the show in Valemount. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy awesome road conditions despite the freezing temperatures we’ve been enduring. In Alberta it was so cold that everything in the van froze solid including my beauty products. I went to go touch up my hair only to find that the dye in the jar was so cold I had to scoop it out with a spoon like ice cream! Some of our beers froze and exploded…didn’t anticipate that. The funniest part is that as I was explaining this with dramatic flourish to our host in Moose Jaw last night he just gave me a funny look and said, “well yeah…that just, like, normal”. OH REAL CANADA. I forgot who I was talking to. My exciting story of frozen goods was pretty par for the course. He said they’ve gotten about 5 or 6 days at -50 this year.

Edmonton was a great show at Studio Music Foundation. Big thanks to the other bands Knuckledown, Betty Sue’s A Tramp & Reckless Rebels. It was probably the most legit punk show so far of the tour and we appreciated seeing some fans who drove all the way out from Lloydminster to rock with us.

We played Edson at Fat Greasy’s, what a great little venue. I mentioned to the bartender that my brother had lived in Edson about 13 years ago and he remembered him! A few other people in the bar did too. We stayed in a motel walking distance from the venue and it was one of maybe five times in my almost-eight-year relationship with Mykel that I’ve seen him drunk; I specifically made him stay at the bar and party with the locals, because he is burdened with a sense of unerring responsibility. So, when everyone else is getting shitfaced and laughing and having fun, he’s usually the one wrapping cables, double checking that we haven’t forgotten anything, and making sure we all get to where we are going safely. Any of you who added me on Snapchat got the exclusive Drunk Mykel snap!

Next up was Calgary and one of my favourite dates of the tour so far! Aside from bumping into the bagpiper (bagpipist?) from the Real MacKenzies unexpectedly (mini reunion!), we played the “Dark Carnival”, so our set was featured among burlesque dancers, stunt performers (ie, dudes with giant hooks pierced in their backs with a rope strung between them having a tug of war and a dude nailing nails into his nose) and other awesome bands. We saw lots of old friends and made lots of new fans too. BUT FUCK WAS IT COLD AND SNOWY JESUS GOD

Red Deer & Moose Jaw were small shows with nice people, and we learned that apparently Al Capone was involved in rum-running during prohibition using this set of tunnels that make an underground network in Moose Jaw. Pretty unexpectedly cool… even in the small corners of Canada that seem sleepy a darker history lurks… other than that I’m excited for our gig tonight…first time Kill Matilda has played Regina! Hold on to your fuckin’ hats, prairie people!


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