February 14th Isn’t Just Valentine’s Day in Vancouver

Last night in New Jersey before playing “Geisha With A Switchblade” I remembered that Feb 14th isn’t just Valentine’s day, but also the day of the Missing and Murdered Women’s March in Vancouver, our hometown. Geisha With A Switchblade was written about this topic and so I shared the story of these women and what happened with Robert Pickton at the end of the song and talked about the women’s memorial march. As I spoke about the amazing solidarity and strength displayed during these marches, which I would attend when we lived in Vancouver, I started crying onstage! The strength of the community, the families of these women and the call for justice for these women that have gone missing is something beautiful and amazing to behold.

Aboriginal women are still three times as likely to die a violent death than any other women in Canada. They are less likely to be seen as valued citizens who deserve police and government protection and more likely to be brushed aside. Young (and often rural) First Nations women are under intense scrutiny as mothers by children and family services simply because they are young and First Nations. One in every four First Nations child lives in poverty. Aboriginal men are overrepresented in prisons. The fight for equality for First Nations people is far from over.

I miss you Vancouver and I miss being a part of something so special! I hope you guys had an amazing march this year and I hope things are getting better. If you are interested in helping in the fight for justice visit Amnesty International’s No More Stolen Sisters campaign or donate to the Aboriginal Nutrition Program through Canadian Feed the Children.

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